About Us

1948 – 2016

68 Years in Marlton

Scouting is a program with a purpose! It is a way for youth to gain strong ethics, moral fiber, and duty to God, all while learning valuable skills. And it is a way to develop future leaders. The world has changed, but the basic concepts of Scouting have remained constant, with values, aims, and methods that continue to mold boys into exceptional adults.


Boy Scouting, one of the traditional membership divisions of the BSA (along with Cub Scouting, etc.), is available to boys who have earned the Arrow of Light Award (in Cub Scouts) or have completed the fifth grade, or who are 11 through 17 years old. Membership is open to all boys who have completed the fifth grade or are 11 years old, or have earned the Arrow of Light Award but are under 18 years old.


The Marlton United Methodist Church is chartered by the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) to sponsor Boy Scout Troop 14.

Troop 14 meets weekly, currently in the Family Life Center of the Marlton United Methodist Church, on Thursdays, from 7:15 to 8:30 PM from September up to Summer Camp (July).

Troop 14 has been active in Marlton since 1948.

We are consistently awarded the “National Quality Unit Award”. A completed registration and Annual Health and Medical Record physical form must be signed and turned in with the appropriate fees before a new Scout can participate in any outdoor event. We have 8 to 10 weekend sleep-away outings per year. We attend one week of sleep-away summer camp per year, usually in July/August.


The initial troop registration fee is $45 and includes the year’s BSA registration fee, Boy Scout Handbook, Troop 14 Class B t-shirt, Troop 14 neckerchief and shoulder loops. A subscription to Boys’ Life magazine is extra. Fundraisers throughout the year help defray troop costs (program materials, equipment, awards, travel expenses, etc.) and each scout is expected to participate. Troop 14 apparel (addt’l t-shirts, sweatshirts, zippered sweat jackets is available at additional cost.


Scouting is a values-based program with its own code of conduct. These are contained in the Scout Oath and Law, Scout Slogan and Scout Motto. Leaders in Scouting have three aims: Character Development, Citizenship Training, and Personal Fitness. The Boy Scouts of America uses eight fundamental methods to give boys fun and adventure and to achieve Scouting's aims. These are: the basic Scouting Ideals, the Patrol Method, an Outdoor program, Advancement, the Scout Uniform, Adult Association, Personal Growth, and Leadership Development.


With the Scoutmaster's direction, the boys are formed into patrols. Patrols are made up of small groups of boys who are similar in age, development, and interests. They elect their own Patrol leader, elect a Senior Patrol Leader in charge of the troop, plan the troop's program, and make it a reality.