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General Information

Scouts BSA is very different than Cub Scouts

Scouts is very different than Cub Scouts.

  • It is a youth led program.
    • Adults are only there to guide and provide the means to succeed. 
  • Adults are there to guide only and provide the means for the scouts to succeed.
  • Advancement through the ranks is done individually.
    • Some scouts go fast. Some scouts go slow.
    • There isn't a deadline for any ranks, except Eagle Scout.
  • Scouts are in charge of their own program, not the adult leaders or committee.
  • There is two deep leadership at all scout events.


Scout Roles

Leadership positions for

scouts and adults


Patrol Leaders Council (PLC)

  • Consists of SPL, ASPL, Troop Guide, Patrol leaders, Assistant Patrol Leaders, and Quartermaster, additional scouts by invitation.
  • Meets every 1 - 2 months to plan the meetings and trips.

Senior Patrol Leader (SPL)

  • Head Youth
  • Elected by Scouts
  • Runs meetings
  • Main contact for all Scouts

Assistant Senior Patrol Leader (ASPL)

  • 2nd in Command
  • Runs meetings and main contact for all Scouts when SPL is not present.

Troop Guide

  • Serves as a leader/mentor to new Scouts
  • Must be at least 1st Class Rank

Patrol Leader

  • Elected by patrol members.. 
  • Prepares the patrol to participate in alll troop activities.
  • Keeps patrol members informed.
  • Helps the members of the troop to work together.

Assistance Patrol Leader

  • Helps the Patrol Leader
  • Serves as Patrol Leader, when the Patrol Leader is not available. 


  • Troop supply boss
  • Keeps an inventory of all equipment
  • Makes sure all equipment is in good condition.


Commitee Chair

  • Makes sure that all committee functions are carried out.
  • Appoints and supervises the Troop Committee and Scoutmasters.
  • Organizes the Troop Committee


  • Provides the youth leaders with the tools and skills to run the troop.
  • Makes sure that BSA and chartered partner are followed.
  • Is a good mentor and positive role model. 

Assistant Scoutmaster

  • Helps the Scoutmaster deliver the promise of scouting. 
  • Is assigned specific duties.


  • Sets troop policies 
  • Handles administrative functions of the troop.


  • Parent issues, please contact the Committee Chair, Scott Wright.
  • General program questions, contact the Scoutmaster, Jeff Zeitz or Assistant Scoutmaster, Bruce Williams.
  • Scout specific program or question. Scout needs to speak to the SPL or ASPL, then the Scoutmaster. 
    • Parents should not discuss rank or advancements with adult leaders. 



Be the Change!

Meetings are held every Thursday 7:15 pm - 8:30 pm at Marlton United Methodist Church.

  • Scouts can be dropped off at the church (not before 7:15 pm, unless the quardian stays with the scout)

  • No scouts may enter the building until two guardians/leaders are present.

  • Parents are always welcome to stay for meetings, but need to provide the scouts space to run the meeting without interference. 

  • Scouts BSA book should be brought to every meeting and event. (a canvas cover is recommended)

  • Signoffs on Scout advancements,
    • can not be by a guardian
    • are not recorded by the Advancement Coordinator at every event meeting.